Softuni Diplomas

SoftUni Python Web Developer diploma
SoftUni Python Full-Stack Developer diploma

Softuni Certificates

SoftUni JavaScript Basics certificate SoftUni Python OOP certificate SoftUni HTML&CSS Fundamentals certificate SoftUni Containers and Cloud certificate
SoftUni Python Basics certificate SoftUni Python Web Basics certificate SoftUni coding fest. Build an app for 2 days. Project: Softuni Software Engineering and DevOps certificate
SoftUni Python Fundamentals certificate SoftUni Python Web Framework certificate. Project: SoftUni JavaScript Front-End Advanced certificate Softuni Windows System Administration certificate
SoftUni Python Advanced certificate SoftUni Cyber Security Fundamentals certificate Softuni Intern & Team Lead Academy (Nov 2023 - Feb 2024)

Udemy Certificates

Udemy - Complete FastAPI REST course
Udemy - The Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python

Sololearn Certificates

Sololearn PHP certificate Sololearn Python Data Structures certificate Sololearn JS Intermediate certificate Sololearn Coding Foundations certificate Sololearn Introduction to CSS
Sololearn Python for Beginners certificate Sololearn Python Intermediate certificate Sololearn Introduction to Java Sololearn Web Development Sololearn Java Intermediate
Sololearn Introduction to HTML certificate Sololearn SQL certificate Sololearn Game Development with JS Sololearn Coding for Data Sololearn Angular
Sololearn HTML certificate Sololearn Introduction to JavaScript Sololearn Tech for everyone certificate Sololearn SQL Intermediate certificate


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